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It appears that plenty of Allen's fellow legislators have him figured out too and want nothing to do with his weirdness. Amanda reports:. Luckily, it seems like Alabama legislators realized that they didn't want to even be present at a debate that might feature an argument about whether or not cross-dressing to avoid harassment like Viola was just too gay or what have you, since most of them refused to even show up and vote on this turd of a bill. I'm inclined to think that what most of them refused to show up to do was stand next to a man this confused about himself.

Mac Thomason blogged about Allen back in December when Allen first began peeking out his closet door. Shakespeare's Sister has found a county commissioner in North Carolina who has even more complicated issues with his own sexuality. And, an update correcting an omission caused by a bout of amnesia, Coturnix has a series of posts on the femiphobia he sees behind the Right's many pathologies, including their gay bashing, power worship, and hysterical desire to dominate. Like I said, real men don't worry about homosexuality, let alone obsess so much over it that they can't even stand the thought that other people are reading about it.

Athletes are and have to be terrified of being weak.

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In some sportsboxing, football, basketball, hockeyjust the appearance of weakness can be devastating. It marks you as easy prey. In team sports a guy who is weak and cowardly is dangerous. Imagine being a running back having to depend for protection from angry linebackers on a blocker who is afraid of taking a hit.

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Most athletes are neither well-educated nor particularly sensitive. So of course they confuse queer with sissy. You're a gay boxer, in the late s, early s, and you're opponent starts calling you queer. In front of the whole world. You're a good boxer. No, you're a very good boxer. You're one of the best of your time, one of the toughest, one of the most successful.

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A guy all the other fighters have to beat if they want to get anywhere. Those guys are coming after you hard already. It's dangerous to be a fighter as it is. More dangerous to be a champ with everybody out to take you down. Imagine now that all those guys coming after you think you're a sissy. A coward. How scared of you are they going to be?

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  6. You need them to be scared. You need them to worry every time they get in the ring with you. Their fear is your protection. If they stop being afraid of you, you're in trouble. On top of this, like everybody else around you, you confuse queer with sissy too. You can't admit you're gay because it would be admitting you're a coward, you're a weakling.

    How are you going to stand in the ring with all those guys looking to clobber you, thinking to yourself, I'm weak, I'm scared?

    See a Problem?

    So this opponent of yours, calling you queer at the weigh in, taunting you in the ring, you can't let him get away with it, you can't let him expose your weakness like that. Which is what you do if you're Emile Griffith, it's , you're fighting Kid Paret, and Paret keeps calling you maricon. You shut him up, do it the best way you know how. You hit him hard. You hit him a lot. You got him up against the ropes, he's done for, but you keep hitting him.

    You hit him 29 times, fast and hard, without him being able to throw a single punch back. Midway through the 12th, Emile stuns Benny with a short right. Benny reels into a corner, eats another hammer, then another.

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    His head and shoulders slump. The only way to nail his jaw now is with uppercuts, and so that's what Emile begins to hurl -- or rather, that's what hurls out of Emile, an eruption of fury so mechanically precise that it seems to come from an engine house in hell rather than from the realm of human kinetics.

    At last Benny tilts, but the turnbuckle keeps him from collapsing, from saving himself, and now begins the terrible tick-tock of his cranium, left-right-left-right-left-right, combinations bursting from Emile faster than eye and brain can process. The ref!

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    Where's the ref? Who's the ref? Ruby Goldstein, a victim of his own expertise, a respected pro who knows this sport so well that he knows Emile's not a big finisher, knows Paret's a chronic possum, knows the Hispanics in the house will riot if he stops this fight just as their possum's about to pounce.

    Goldstein is caught flat-footed as 18 punches land in six seconds -- 29 consecutive unanswered punches in all -- bouncing brain against skull again and again. Eyes puffed shut, blood oozing from his nose and his cheek, Benny slithers down the ropes, at last, as Goldstein grabs Emile and his cornermen run to wrap him too. I'd call Smith my favorite living short story writer except that short stories are presumed to be fiction and Smith is a journalist. But read Shadow Boxer and tell me you didn't read a short story better than any that's won an O. Henry lately.

    Reblog 0 Digg This. At Hullabaloo, Digby, whom I'd call our Tom Paine if the folks at Tom Paine weren't already channeling for Tom Paine, writes with his usual fire and dash about Republican staffers on the House Rules Committee "rewriting Democratic amendments to make them sound as if Democrats are trying to protect sexual predators. Yeah, I know. More Republican limbo dancing. How low can they go?

    The Republicans' excuse for what they're doing is that Democrats have said mean things about legislation the Republicans have proposed. Republicans need to be mean, sneaky, vicious, dishonest cheats because Democrats have this nasty habit of hurting Republican feelings by telling the truth about what Republicans are up to. The Rules Committee chairman flat out sniffled, probably wiping his runny nose on his sleeve as the tears rolled down his cheeks, "We don't like what you said about our bill. Oh boo fucking hoo. The Republicans are in total control. The Democrats can sit around all day long and call them a bunch of fascist nazi bastards and it doesn't mean anything. And they still can't stop whining. The problem is that these people don't really want to achieve anything. They are both in love with being victims and insist on being right. And they want everyone to acknowledge they are both right and victimized. What a bunch of big babies. It's not enough to win, the other side must completely capitulate and apologize.

    While catching them in the act of throwing bricks through the school windows and spray painting "Nancy Pelosi is a s" on the walls, to get even with the goody goody Democrats who tattled on them to the voters, Digby quotes Slate's Timothy Noah:. The fact is that the GOP doesn't have an agenda. It has impulses: to cut taxes, to increase Pentagon spending, and to mollify the Christian right wherever possible. Does it act on these impulses? Of course.

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    But what mostly gives the party appeal to the electorate is its ability to scream and yell while seldom being granted the opportunity to ban abortion or eliminate the Securities and Exchange Commission or declare war on France. It stirs things up satisfyingly, while never requiring anybody to pay the price.

    I snatched this quote for my notebook right away, pocketing it for the day when I get around to writing a post on how ridiculous it is that the Republicans have the reputation as "the party of ideas. Death to all enemies abroad. Death to the New Deal at home.