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Follow Gus on all his adventures! The characters in the book are creatively named and illustrated and the author leaves a some blank spaces on which the reader can create his or her own drawing of what some of the other characters might look like. Inside the book are a couple of pages about the author as well as her picture.

She was paralyzed and yet was able to create this book. She also had a successful business.

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I think her story would be an inspiration to any child with a disability because it demonstrates the power of determination no matter what physical limitations one might have. Last day to have the chance to get your free copy: 18th December. Don't wait one hour more! Review Corner: "The Adventures of AsparaGUS is an adorable story about a little dog who goes in search of the truth about his roots and finds it from a French-speaking cat. Don't miss this chance! Jump to.

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Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? He pan-fried the salmon and served it with a fresh mint and tomato vinaigrette and fresh pickled cucumber salad. The flavors work, he says, and speak to the fresh flavors of summer. That is, as long as the mint, tomatoes and cucumbers are in season. For breads and rolls, he uses Crossroads Bake Shop in Doylestown.

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This fall, look for a special 30th anniversary menu and a 30th anniversary cocktail. I leave that to others. With its dark wood, intimate dining rooms and a diverse and enticing seasonal menu, The Carversville Inn is a restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner or celebrate a special occasion. I think the salt in the cheese would be enough, or maybe just a touch tossed with the asparagus. So I was looking for a recipe to use a beautiful bunch of asparagus I had, and I remembered you made this pizza. As I read through, imagine my surprise when I saw tomme de savoie mentioned, a bit of cheese I sampled at my co-op earlier this week, and purchased, because I was in love.

Thanks so much for the recipe! Wow — where has shaved asparagus pizza been all my life?

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Thank you so much! I also made the pesto potato salad last night, which rocked as well. Wonderful recipes! I just posted on this delicious recipe of yours! Hey Deb, long time fan, first time caller — this recipe is great, especially since it pointed me in the direction of the simple pizza dough, which goes with pretty much anything : I used a peeler like the one in the picture OXO and was having some trouble shaving the stalks, especially since my asparagus spears were a little on the thin side.

I had the most success holding the tool in place and pulling the spear against the blade, which gave me decent control over the thickness. After that, things went together quickly and the finished product was great.

Thank you for the inspirational site! What a great pizza this turned out to be! We spruced ours up a bit using pesto, some roasted tomatoes, and grilled chicken. Thanks for another great idea and inspiration! Just made this a couple nights ago — as always, your recipes never fail me. Luckily I was eating alone that night, since I promptly gobbled up half the pizza and then saved the rest for lunch the next day. I recommend using asparagus with thick stalks as I could only shave about half of a thinner stalk with a vegetable peeler and my benriner mandoline was useless for the task.

I love tossing shaved asparagus with lemon, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and pecorino romano. Just made this tonight and it was fantastic. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. I made this for a pizza party that I held and it was a hit…. I love the asparagus topping so much! And had made shaved asparagus salads since. Thanks for sharing! I made this heavenly pizza and the dough!! The crust is just.. Made a double batch 2 c. AP flour and 1 c. Thank you SO much for sharing.

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Never having pizza out again. This recipe combines two of my great loves and takes them to the most surprisingly wonderful whole other level of amazing awesomeness. They only had shoestring asparagus at the store so I just sliced it on a thin diagonal. The two of us ate the whole thing….

Made this for lunch yesterday and we loved it! It was so wonderful I made another for dinner. It is the best pizza I have ever eaten. And so easy to make too. Deb, thanks for sharing such great recipes, photos and anecdotes! I made this on a Friday night as an Easy date night recipe for me and the Bf.

It was simple, but tasty. Thank you:. I made this tonight with my own pizza dough and some fresh olive oil and it was absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for this unique combination. Tried my hand at making my first ever home made pizza, dough and all! It was delicious! I was so excited to try it that I forgot the scallions.

Oh well, I will remember next time. I made this tonight with my own pizza dough and shaved provolone in place of shaved parmesan. I LOVE shaved asparagus! Who knew?! We had cheese and asparagus at home and so I decided to try this recipe. I was determined to put asparagus on some pizza tonight and ran across your post. Shaving the asparagus was brilliant.

I added some thinly sliced, dry-salami, slivered a few garlic cloves and put on a pinch of red pepper flakes…fantastic. I made this last night, and it was very delicious. The only thing is that I added the eggs when you suggested, and they ended up being undercooked. I still had to take the pizza out of the oven, though, because the crust was getting quite dark.

In the end, I had to pop my slice in the microwave for 30 seconds to get the egg to firm up. Next time I will probably skip the eggs, but it is definitely still worth making again. MMMM, sounds great! Thanks for the suggestion!! Oh yea! This was delicious!!! My friend and I made it last night for a group of friends on V-Day … and it turned out wonderful!!

Everyone ate it up! We bought a couple batches of fresh raw dough from Whole Foods, rolled it out, topped it just as you suggested … and it turned out perfect! We were a little confused about not having a sauce … but the marinade and juices from the asparagus, and oils from the cheese, totally make that unnecessary.