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It's part of our identity and also an emotion and action we're to have for others. You are God's beloved, His cherished, favored child.

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38 Gifts for Grandma That Are Sure to Warm Her Heart This Christmas

You can mix them with hot water or milk and you have a cup of hot chocolate in minutes. Jolly Rancher Hard Candy.

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Jolly Ranchers are tasty bite sized hard candies that are bursting with flavor that lasts a long time. Kids will love sucking on these tasty treats while they open up their presents. This assortment contains 5 pounds of this stuff with 5 flavors including apple, grape, cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry. Large Milk Chocolate Gold Coins. Somebody just got rich! Wrapped in gold foil, these medal sized coins look like gold coins. For kids, they are even better.

When you unwrap them, there is tasty milk chocolate inside. Fresh Fruit.

52 Stocking Stuffers for Your Wife of at Least 15 Years

Homemade Cookies. If you have a famous recipe that runs in the family, bake up some holiday cookies and stick it inside a bag. Whether you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas for girls or boys, these inexpensive stocking stuffers are sure to keep your child looking clean so he or she can look her best for those inevitable family photos taken around Christmas.

You need bandages around the house so you might as well make them cute. You can either stick the whole box in the stocking or take the bandages out and put them in multiple stockings. For young Jedi warriors, this might be the coolest toothbrush ever created.

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It lights up and makes light saber sound effects. It even has a timer that blinks to let kids know to move on to the next area. This inexpensive gentle scrubbing electric toothbrush is the perfect stocking stuffer. With 3 different stages, it is perfect for all kids up to 7. Because it is battery powered, it makes it so much easier for kids to brush their teeth. The fun characters on it will encourage kids to brush their teeth.

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These little colored tablets from Crayola make bath time even more fun. Simply drop a tablet in the bath water and it colors the water without any staining. You can even combine two tablets to create even more colors. Bath time just got a little more fun with these floating bath toys. Each hard plastic bubble has a fun rattling animal inside.

Chapstick is great but Lip Smacker lip glosses are even better because they come in fun flavors like cotton candy, water melon, and tropical punch. With 8 different flavored lip glosses, they keep your lips smooth and free of chapping. For Christmas, what could be better than chapstick that tastes like candy canes? With a fresh minty peppermint taste, this chapstick keeps your lips moisturized.

Who needs candy canes? How cute are these lip balm containers? For Tsum Tsum fans, this Minnie shaped lip balm is super cute. You can get them in all of your favorite Disney characters. In case you are wondering, you can even stack them. It moisturizes better than ordinary chapstick that you find in the Drugstore. You can get the unflavored pack or the fruit flavored pack with yummy flavors. Most kids dread it.

Kids will love this detangling brush that is designed not to pull on knots as it glides through hair. With specially designed bristles of different height, the bristles pivot as you brush through hair. No more tears. It not only soaks up dirt and oil, but it makes limp hair look fluffy. You simply spray the dry shampoo at your roots and massage and brush the shampoo through your hair. Not only does it leave your hair looking clean, but the light floral scent smells so nice. Just make sure you take your Christmas photos before they put poop Emjois all over their face and body.

This set contains tattoos with different sizes Emojis. Kids might never want to wash them off. Even the Paw Patrol has to clean up. There is even a bath hook that sticks to bathroom tiles so you hang the little Paw Patrol pouf up. It comes with a Body Wash and Shampoo along with a pouf shaped like Anna. The pouf can even be hung up with the bath hook. Bath time got a little more fun for your storm trooper.

Your child can channel the dark side with this bath set that includes 2 bath squirters and a body wash all in the shape of popular Star Wars Villains: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. This is no ordinary soap bar. Not only does it clean, but there is real money inside. Kids will clean themselves even better just to get the money out. They might even want to shower more than once a day. These Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers are the perfect stocking stuffer. This pack of hand sanitizers comes with all of your favorite scents.

They keep your hands clean while at the same time leaving them smelling wonderful. Does she love everything Taylor Swift? If she loves Taylor Swift, she will love this perfume that comes in the most adorable bottle with charms on it. The youthful vanilla fragrance is the perfect scent for tween girls.

If your girl loves painting her nails, inexpensive nail polish makes the perfect stocking stuffer. With 12 different shades, this set of nail polishes from Kleancolor will take her next manicure and pedicure to the next level. You only need one coat to get a beautiful and bold color. With natural ingredients, organic oils, and no dyes, these ones are even fun for kids.

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Her skin will love them. This gift set comes with 6 different scented bath bombs that easily fit in a stocking. A good book is the perfect stocking stuffer for encouraging your child to read during the winter break. Your children will get lost in these creative stocking stuffers. The book lover in your life will love this useful book light. With 4 built in LED bulbs, it produces a bright white light that illuminate both pages of any book. The padded hinge makes it easy to clip to any book and the adjustable neck makes it easy to position.

With a built in rechargeable battery, you never have to buy any batteries. Does your daughter like writing about everything that happens in her life? For the girl who loves writing, this journal is the perfect stocking stuffer. Made of faux leather, the cover of it looks exquisite.


15 Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids | Family Vacation Critic

The pages inside are not lined so it also makes the perfect sketchbook, photo album, or sticker album. There is nothing more fun than playing Mad Libs. No Christmas season would be complete without Mad Libs. The idea is very simple. You create a list of words and those words are used to fill out the blank spaces in a story. The result?