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Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn, Other clubs complained that Palestino lacked a tradition of football and experience in professional sports. The director of Palestino's football team, Enrique Atal, admitted that he and other officers had called in numerous favors so that their team Brenda Elsey, Jacob Pinheiro Goldberg. NYE JR. Um palestino de Dez perguntas para entender o conflito entre israelenses e palestinos. Assembleia geral da ONU aprova pedido palestino para hastear …. Vaticano assina primeiro acordo oficial com Estado Palestino.

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O Vaticano assinou, nesta sexta 26 , o primeiro acordo oficial com o Estado Palestino. Palestino [online]. Portuguese words that begin with p. A working group has been established to look into the legal, technical and communication aspects of the information structure and nature to be provided. The publication of this information will have to be linked to existing databases such as those mentioned above. On the other hand, the list of contractors awarded high-value contracts has not been made available on this website.

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To which contractors has OLAF awarded high-value contracts from to present? In the case of calls for tender, access should not only be given to the contract award notice but also to the contract notice, the invitation to tender, the tender specifications and any other related documents. OLAF fulfils all its obligations with respect to all standing rules and regulations regarding transparency and procurement. Is the Commission aware of any research or evidence which indicates that different national or even regional policies on the limitation of EMF exposure have had any effect on the health of citizens living in different areas?

Would the Commission be willing to instigate research into the impact on health of the differing policies to limit EMF exposure across EU Member States?

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Given that in it was estimated that 1. The Commission is not aware of the studies mentioned by the Honourable Member. Health impact assessment of exposure to EMF poses a significant scientific challenge as to date no firm conclusions can be drawn as to potential adverse health effects of exposure to EMFs.

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The evaluation and measurement of effective EMF exposures are one of the main scientific questions addressed by these projects. To make sure that the exposure limits of the Council Recommendation do indeed provide a high level of protection, the Commission requests periodically an independent update of the scientific evidence available and checks whether it still supports the proposed exposure limits. All assessments to date have concluded that there is no scientific rationale to revise the exposure limits.

Prestaties van de Geriatric Expert Group met betrekking tot de veiligheid van geneesmiddelen voor ouderen. Het is voor ons echter niet duidelijk op welke wijze deze deskundigengroep invloed uitoefent op de bescherming van de belangen van ouderen bij het testen van medicijnen. Deze invloed lijkt tot nu toe zeer beperkt te zijn, hetgeen onaanvaardbaar zou zijn. Bovendien moeten ouderen volledig kunnen vertrouwen op de geneesmiddelen die zij innemen. Om welke adviezen heeft het CHMP gevraagd sinds de oprichting van de deskundigengroep? Welke directe gevolgen heeft het bestaan van de deskundigengroep gehad voor de werkzaamheden van het CHMP?

Op aanvraag voorziet de deskundigengroep het Geneesmiddelenbureau van advies over aangelegenheden die verband houden met geriatrische medicijnen en gerontologie. Op aanvraag voorziet de deskundigengroep het Geneesmiddelenbureau van advies over aangelegenheden die verband houden met geriatrische medicijnen en gerontologie, zoals:. Daarnaast is de deskundigengroep door het Geneesmiddelenbureau gevraagd om bij te dragen aan zwakteanalyse tools die beschikbaar zijn voor klinisch gebruik.

However, the impact of this Expert Group in terms of safeguarding the interests of older people when testing medicines is unclear to us. So far, its influence seems very limited. If this were to be the case it would not be acceptable. Also, older people should be able to completely trust the medicines they take. The Group provides the Agency, upon request, with scientific advice on matters relating to geriatric medicines and gerontology. The Group provides the Agency, upon request, with scientific advice on matters relating to geriatric medicines and gerontology, such as.

The group is routinely requested to comment on guidelines. It has drafted safety and efficacy tables that have become, since a year, part of the Agency's assessment report template. In addition the group has been asked by the Agency to input in an analysis of frailty evaluation tools available for clinical use. This is exemplified by the presence in all new guidelines drafted of a geriatric section.

Considerato che l'Attestazione SOA qualifica l'azienda ad appaltare lavori per categorie di opere quali opere di carattere generale edilizia civile e industriale, fogne e acquedotti, strade, restauri, etc. Considerato che il rilascio dell'Attestazione SOA ha un costo minino di 5. Considerato che in altri paesi come Regno Unito e Germania esistono sistemi volontari e preventivi di qualificazione che non comportano costi per le imprese partecipanti a gare di appalto.

Gli Stati membri sono autorizzati ad avere in vigore norme quali quella in questione, a condizione che rispettino la legislazione dell'UE in materia di appalti pubblici e i principi del trattato. La Commissione condivide tuttavia la preoccupazione di ridurre al minimo gli oneri amministrativi a carico degli offerenti potenziali. Visto il contesto, la proposta della Commissione di una nuova direttiva in materia di appalti pubblici dispone che le amministrazioni aggiudicatrici accettino autodichiarazioni come prova preliminare che i candidati e gli offerenti non presentano motivi di esclusione e soddisfano i criteri di selezione.

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La proposta della Commissione intende inoltre promuovere gli appalti elettronici — rendendoli obbligatori — e rafforzare il ruolo di e-Certis, un sistema di informazione che aiuta le imprese a individuare quali attestazioni e certificati sono necessari nelle gare di appalto degli Stati membri definendo le equivalenze fra le varie certificazioni.

In questo modo le procedure di partecipazione alle gare di appalto risulteranno snellite. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany have voluntary, provisional qualification systems that entail no cost to tendering companies. Uniform operating rules for all Member States would ensure a more efficient single market. Furthermore, under Italian law companies from other Member States are not obliged to hold a SOA certificate and can prove their qualification by alternative means.

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As long as EU public procurement legislation and the principles of the Treaty are complied with, Member States are allowed to have in force rules such as those in question. The Commission shares however the concern that the administrative burden on potential tenderers should be limited as much as possible. This proposal will further reduce entry barriers to public procurement. This will also help making participation in tendering procedures less burdensome. In particolare, viene previsto l'obbligo in capo al concedente di garantire l'equilibrio economico finanziario dell'accordo nel caso in cui il concessionario consegua ricavi da pedaggio minori rispetto a quelli previsti.

According to European Court of Justice case law, the difference between works or service concessions and public contracts lies in whether the risk is retained by the contracting authority.

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The Commission will keep the Honourable Member informed on the outcome of this assessment. The information provided by the Honourable Member is not sufficient for the Commission to assess whether an infringement of EU public procurement law has been committed. The Commission will therefore look into this case more closely and keep the Honourable Member informed of further developments. Possibile violazione del regolamento CE n. Tale azienda dichiarava sul proprio sito web che le pelli di foca utilizzate provenivano da fonti sostenibili Inuit e direttamente importate dalla Groenlandia, nel rispetto del regolamento UE n.

Secondo il regolamento UE n.

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Quali azioni intende intraprendere per assicurare la corretta implementazione del regolamento CE n. Quali azioni intende intraprendere per verificare se ci sono state altre importazioni illegali di prodotti di foca, dal ad oggi? Given that the seal hides used by the Italian company were imported through a Danish company:. What action will the Commission take to check whether there have been any other illegal imports of seal products since? The recent seizure of seal products by the Italian State Forestry Corps, which were released for free circulation by the Danish customs authorities, has been clarified with the Danish and Italian competent authorities.

The Commission will raise this issue with Member States through the Committee on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein, with a view to avoid such cases in the future. According to media reports, Teresa Strzelec from Poland has been unable to leave Belarus for two weeks after Belarusian customs agents confiscated her passport and cancelled her visa. Teresa travelled to Minsk one year ago. When her car broke down, she left it with a mechanic. The car was confiscated and transported to a customs warehouse. However, the customs agents had already sold the car.

Does the Commission intend to seek clarification on the unlawful holding of a citizen of an EU Member State in Belarus and intervene in this matter? EU institutions have no competence for the consular protection of EU citizens and the matter was dealt with by the competent services of Poland.