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Definitely one of the most beautiful ships of MSC Cruises. Msc Seaside is a great cruise ship. Great shops, lots of entertainment, lounges, restaurants. Unfortunately we experienced few attention to our needs in the stateroom and in the restaurants. Wanted to try a big cruiseship, named to be beautiful, modern and revolutionary. Well, of course it's a beautiful vessel, particular design, nice places to spend the day outside. Food was not so good as I thought even if not bad. Many many people made some ambience crowded. An experience I'm happy to have done but probably Msc won't be my next first choice.

Nave bella ed elegante con servizio buono e tante attrazioni. Itinerario studiato bene con soste sempre abbastanza lunghe. Ottimo il buffet e la pizza, anche se sempre affollato. Meno buona la cucina dei ristoranti principali, semplice e molto scontata. Nel complesso una buona esperienza, la nave la consiglio. Attratti da questo nuovo progetto Msc abbiamo voluto provarlo al caldo, nei meravigliosi Caraibi. Nave veramente bella, elegante, con grande offerta di intrattenimento, di locali, di ristoranti.

Tutto molto buono anche nell'organizzazione, sinceramente non abbiamo avuto problemi. Nave nuova, provata subito verso Miami! Servizio molto buono e curato anche con grande mole di passeggeri.

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Vorrei sicuramente tornarci. Incuriositi dalla nuova nave, siamo stati ai Caraibi con amici. Nave unica, completamente diversa dal comune. Servizio buono, ottima pulizia, ristorazione discreta. Nelle ore di punta si avverte la tanta gente a bordo, dal ristorante al buffet agli sbarchi nei porti. Esperienza comunque positiva e raccomandata. Imbarco a Trieste molto veloce. Nave progettata per il mercato americano con ampi spazi esterni.

Ideale per vivere il mare. Food, some aspects of the service, and poor storage in the cabins. The ship could feel crowded at times. Food is a highly subjective topic. Ask 10 people about the same dish and be prepared for 10 different responses. Overall I found the food on Seaside to be adequate but nothing special. There were some standouts, like steak, pastas, deserts, and bread. The variety could sometimes be lacking and other more American-centric lines do offer more nightly choices on the menu.

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None the less no one will starve and you could always find something that interested you. Within the Yacht Club, we enjoyed our own restaurant that was open seating and available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Essentially you dine when you want within the open hours and with whom. I enjoyed the fresh grilled specialities at the Grill, yes even lobster and lamb chops, but oddly enough if I wanted a simple burger I had to dine in the more former indoor restaurant or go to the general buffet for the ship.

My cravings for a burger did lure me more than once to the Marketplace Buffet, where I found them pretty good along with excellent fries.

In the main buffet we never had a problem finding a seat and the option to sit outside was welcomed in great weather. Towards the back of the buffet they had dispensers for soda, beer, and wine. All automated. Just wave your card or wrist band over the control panel and it would activate. Because we were in the Yacht Club all our beverages were included, but were they not you would have been charged at that point. Before your cruise just submit your highest status at a cruise line or hotel chain, and MSC will match it.

This entitled us to a complimentary dinner in a speciality restaurant. It was an excellent dinner beginning to end. Another favorite option sometimes after dinner or even in the afternoon was Venchi the chocolate bar onboard. There is even a wall of chocolate, although it was never working the entire cruise. Just decadent especially with the fresh and real whipped cream on top. The best part, it was all included being part of the Yacht Club. This was especially true in the Yacht Club where everyone was beyond polite and helpful, and always seemed willing to do whatever it took to make you happy.

Around the rest of the ship service was great as well, with a crew that smiled and generally seemed happy to assist you.

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Another nice feature of the Yacht Club was our own Concierge Desk. They basically handled any request, so there was never a need to wait in the line at the general Guest Services or Shore Excursion desks. Entertainment onboard was varied and excellent in my opinion. I looked forward to all the production shows and none disappointed.

I can say that most others enjoyed the productions as well as every single one received a standing ovation.

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One evening was a shortened version of Madame Butterfly that I quite enjoyed. Very unusual to find an opera onboard a mass-market cruise ship, but MSC was proud to offer it and with good reason. In large part what made the shows so successful were the talented performers.

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Singers that could actually sing and dancers that could truly dance. I found these performers to be more Broadway calibre than typical cruise ship standard. The theater size is smaller but to make up for the smaller venue there are more performances offered, usually three a night at a time that will work for you.

Some are repeated later in the cruise. The shows are shorter, only minutes which means they can offer more of them. I really enjoyed this format and found them all just long enough. Other entertainment ranged from the nightly violinist and pianist in the Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge to game shows, comedians, theme dance parties, and a nightly disco. Sometimes the disco was inside in the Garage Club, and other times outside at the South Beach pool bar.

Keep this in mind if booking one of those aft view balconies. Movies were shown nightly at the large outdoor screen but with virtually no seating they were not well attended. A favorite venue onboard was the Seaside Lounge with the nightly smooth sounds of the Silk Jazz Trio. I really enjoyed their music.

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As a bit of a techie, I need to make mention of the technology onboard. I was impressed. I found Seaside probably the most technologically advanced ship I have ever sailed, and this includes the newest and largest Royal Caribbean ship the Harmony of the Seas which I would say comes in a close second. I pre-purchased a very reasonable Internet package called the Surfer Package one of three available.

Initial setup was extremely simple and the MSC system recognized I had already pre-purchased a package. Keep in mind that an internet package is not required to access the general onboard services of the MSC For Me app, that is completely free. Speed was excellent about as fast as Voom on Royal Caribbean and I had no interruptions or dead zones, which has been common on other ships.

Some little things, like waving your cruise card or wrist band instead of swiping them are nice touch. With Blue Tooth enabled on your smart phone, your exact location on the ship was always known.

This will come in handy when eventually you will be able to order drinks from your phone using the MSC For Me app and have them delivered directly to you. Princess is already experimenting with this with their Ocean Medallion program which so far has had its share of teething pains and has been scaled back. Another first was the card slot in the cabin to activate electricity.

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The trick of using any frequent shopper card in the slot no longer works on Seaside. The frustrating thing about this is that you could not charge your electronic devices unless you were in the cabin. Still a great way to conserve electricity and fuel.