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It was both inexpressible and irrepressible. God seemed almost tangibly near. Almost immediately I knew, without doubt, that if I prayed for Pam, she would be healed. She got up later completely healed. One weekday a group of us at church had gathered to pray for a brother who had suffered for months from a pinched-nerve in his lower back, causing debilitating pain in his leg. No medical treatments had helped and the pain had recently forced him to step down from his job.

A week later he reported that when I had prayed for him the pain disappeared. But he had chosen not to say anything lest it turn out to be psychosomatic. However, after a full week with no pain he was able to return to work. A couple years later his back was still well. When visiting a friend a number of years ago, I found him in a neck brace.

He told me he had recently damaged some neck vertebrae and his doctor warned him to be very careful because wrong movements could damage his spinal cord. This posed a hardship: My friend was a personal care attendant for a paraplegic man who was an unbeliever. The injury made it impossible for my friend to perform necessary duties for his employer. He sat up and realized he was completely healed. He resumed his full duties and was able to share this story with his unbelieving employer.

Read the Bible with Your Heart

I believe the church should pray for healing today. I believe it because the New Testament teaches that the Spirit gives this gift and others to the church 1 Corinthians —11 and instructs me to desire to exercise it 1 Corinthians I believe that God occasionally answers prayers for healing, such as mine, when it accords with his sovereign will Hebrews When God gives a gift of healing, it is always intended to glorify Jesus Christ and point us to believe in his gospel.

None of us has authority to heal a body, only the Creator does Acts — And when God heals someone, he does it for the common good of the church and as a witness to the world.

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Christians are not to expect every illness or injury they experience to be healed. In this age the gift of healing is exceptional, not normative. In just my low-key examples, healing was a quiet mercy for my wife, a faith encouragement for me, provisions for my friends, unique opportunities to share the gospel, and no doubt there were other numerous purposes. Healings are never merely individual blessings. It is a witness that the reign of death and this age of futility is coming to a final redemptive end Romans ; Healing is meant to bear witness to the proclaimed gospel Acts It is a visible manifestation that the kingdom of God is taking ground from the kingdom of Satan.

The ultimate reason is that he is God and knows best.

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He distributes this gift according to his will Hebrews God uses illnesses and afflictions in amazing, beautiful, and sanctifying ways to build our faith, cultivate our humility, experience his strong, sufficient grace, and heighten our joy 2 Corinthians — But the Bible also teaches us that healing, like other spiritual gifts and fruitful labors, can be inhibited by our lack of faith Mark —6; Matthew , ; Luke It is primarily a diagnostic question to ask ourselves.

Do we believe God loves to give good gifts, including healing, to his children? Do we have the boldness to ask him in faith? If we find our faith is small, the best thing to do is begin to ask. We can ask for more faith and begin to pray for healings. Divine healing gave me my 4 children. For the first six years of our marriage, my wife Mickey suffered from a medically diagnosed infertility condition.

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We longed for children. There were times when Mickey would come home heartbroken from baby showers where she had been the only woman present who was not a mother of children. Firmly believing that Jesus heals today , we had prayed diligently, and we often received prayer from others for the healing of this infertility.

My desire in this Bible study is to show from the bible's healing Scriptures that God is both able and willing to heal the sick, the diseased, the infirm. My family has personally experienced this blessing of divine healing. So have millions of others. Multitudes of books have been written on what is variously called faith healing, spiritual healing, divine healing, healing prayer for the sick, healing ministry and other similar expressions.

Explanatory note: the terms "spiritual healing," "divine healing," and "faith healing" are essentially used interchangeably in this bible study. James was writing to Christian believers He asked them if any of them were sick. God identified Himself to Israel in a variety of names and ways.

See, for example, the following Scriptures on healing:. ALL our diseases! None are too hard for Him. God heals them all. And notice the differences in the verb tenses used by Isaiah and Peter. Sickness has been overcome. The Cross of Jesus Christ has conquered both sin and sickness. The following are some of the numerous instances of divine, spiritual healing in the Bible.

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Does divine healing still happen today?

The principle here is simple — faithful Abraham prayed , and God healed. Moses prayed for leprous Miriam, and God healed her. God honors and answers prayers for healing. I mentioned above how the Lord healed my wife's infertility. I must add that she and I and a number of others had been steadfastly praying for healing of that infertility.

And God was faithful to answer! Serious illnesses can be emotionally devastating. Christians serve a healing Savior, Jesus Christ. He preached and taught, yes. His healing touch is available to everyone. There is no illness beyond His ability to cure. He healed them all , including:. God had this in mind all along.

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The prophet Isaiah spoke of it seven centuries before the New Testament era:. Our part is to reach out and touch Jesus for healing. Bring your sick ones to Jesus. Encourage them by faith to reach out and touch Him, because then, as now, all who touched Him were healed. Divine healing is quite appropriately called " faith healing"! I remember the late Kenneth Hagin saying that he had seen many healings in a noncharismatic, fundamental church early in his ministry. He said he simply preached "faith and healing" and people got healed!

He understood that key: faith is an indispensible ingredient in divine healing. There may be times when the Lord will ask you to show your faith , to give observable evidence of your faith, as in the case of the man whom He told to stretch out his withered hand.