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These findings and others indicate the dwarf planet is surprisingly still geologically active. You can watch these stunning cuts here. Although the spot has been shrinking in recent years, it is still more than 10, miles in width or about 1. The event marked the first successful relaunch of a recycled capsule. Needless to say, recycled capsules and rockets such as these will be paramount in driving down the cost of space travel moving forward.

Titan is the only moon in our solar system known to have an Earth-like cycle of liquids flowing across its surface and also an atmosphere. It is believed conditions on the moon could possibly support life. Researchers have proposed an array of crafts that may one day unlock the secrets of the mystifying moon.

For perspectives sake, Curiosity is about the size of a small SUV. As of Sol , Curiosity has traveled more than 10 miles across Mars; however, another Martian rover, Opportunity, surpassed The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO packs one of the largest cameras to ever visit another planet, allowing the spacecraft to snap the most vivid images of our planetary neighbor to date. The Juno spacecraft snapped this photo of the gas giant, Jupiter, in August. Once this information has been transmitted back to Earth, this file takes 36 hours for NASA to download.

Along with these sophisticated instruments, Juno packs a few other surprising items, including a trio of Lego passengers: The Roman god Jupiter, his wife Juno, and — last but certainly not least — Galileo. Researchers will soon be able to produce high-definition images daily, and NASA is currently comparing these photographs — like this composite shot from — to better project regional and global carbon dioxide emissions.

Researchers believe Europa is home to a global ocean of liquid water — nearly 60 miles deep — beneath a frozen exterior.

The same tidal flexing responsible for these geological features may also cause volcanic activity along the seafloor. Some of the most detailed images we have of our cosmos would not be possible without the Hubble Space Telescope.

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This photo was snapped during the first servicing mission in , when astronauts installed new instruments and equipment to correct a flaw in the primary mirror. Moreover, the atmospheric pressure on the planet is enough to crush a human and the surface temperature — at nearly degrees Fahrenheit — is more than capable of melting lead. You can check out some of these stunning — albeit grainy — mission images here. The probe has regularly transmitted stunning images like this back to Earth, however, after more than a decade in orbit around the gas giant, we are now approaching the end of the Cassini mission.

In September, the craft will have nearly exhausted its fuel reserves. This specific image was taken between dust storms, and the faint blue haze is the result of sunlight reflecting off of dust that lingers in the atmosphere. The New Horizons mission gave us our first close-up look at the dwarf planet Pluto in , revealing a truly bizarre world.

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Photographed at a distance of 11, miles from the surface, this picture reveals the dwarf planet in stunning detail. A series of jagged mountains extending as far as 11,feet high dominant the left portion of the image. These craggy mountains are probably composed primarily of water ice. Talk about first impressions…. The most prominent of these features is the Herschel crater, named after the astronomer who discovered Mimas, William Herschel. Fractures on the opposite side of Herschel were potentially caused by shockwaves.

In fact, it is believed that the impact event that created the crater nearly fragmented the moon. The peak at the center is nearly 3. Consequently, this meteorological phenomenon is known as the Little Red Spot. This smaller storm system is roughly the size of Earth.

The Curiosity rover snapped this picture in as part of the first investigation of a sand dune on a planet other than Earth. While smaller dunes and similar ripples can also be found on Earth, these larger formations — those more than feet apart — are not part of our earthly landscape. This photograph was snapped by the Cassini spacecraft nearly 1. However, the impingement could also have been the result of an interaction between other objects within the ring. Since these objects are often very small, however, tracking and identifying such an event is exceptionally complicated.

The spacecraft was named after a 10th-century Japanese folktale in which a lunar princess visits Earth. The orbiter spent more than 20 months orbiting and surveying the moon.


The mission ended in June , however, when Kaguya intentionally impacted the lunar surface near the crater Gill. JAXA later released a trove of photographs depicting our craggy moon, as well as the space rock we call home, in chilling clarity. In a year chock-full of general low points, the European Space Agency ESA served up arguably the best highlight reel of The craft took the selfie above while in transit.

You can rewatch the video here. Backlit by the sun, this high-resolution, true color image of Pluto was taken on July 14, The vibrant, hazy layers in the photo extend more than miles above the Plutonian surface.

CONOCE A LOS ÁNGELES - Textos e imágenes angelicales.

Data from the flyby revealed that Enceladus is home to a vast saltwater ocean. On the surface, this ocean is frozen, but beneath the dense layer of ice lies a liquid ocean heated by active hydrothermal vents. Jets of ice and water gush through the surface at more than miles per hour. Jupiter is as gorgeous as it is anomalous. In fact, Jupiter has the same ingredients as a star hydrogen and helium , however, the planet did not become massive enough to ignite.

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The intense pressure and extreme temperatures would literally vaporize anything that attempted to do so. In , China became became the third nation to successfully perform a soft landing on the moon the United States and Russia being the two others. It is believed that the rover did not properly enter hibernation before a frigid, two-week lunar night.

China plans to send another lander to the moon and return samples to Earth in Astronomers had no idea Uranus even had a ring system until This was one of the first images taken to capture such a meteorological phenomenon on another planet. At that time, Ida was the first asteroid ever identified with its own satellite. This equatorial ridge has peaks reaching up to six miles high, making these individual mountains some of the tallest in our solar system.

For this image, Hubble homed in on the constellation Leo, revealing thousands of vibrant galaxies. The massive system was about the size of Earth, and winds in the Great Dark Spot were estimated to gust at speeds of nearly 1, miles per hour. In , when Hubble focused in to monitor the storm, the system had faded, although a new spot had formed in the northern hemisphere. This photo in particular comes from the Apollo 15 mission. On the right, is a lunar formation known as Swann Range, named after Apollo 15 geologist Gordon Swann. The tracks of the Lunar Roving Vehicle can be seen faintly in the bottom left of the image.

The crater is a more than a half of a mile wide. Featured amongst the vivid reds is one of two suspected Plutonian cryovolcanoes. Charon is a very large natural satellite. The combination is sometimes even referred to as a double dwarf planet system. The reddish portion at the top is a polar region known informally as Mordor Macula. The storm has been circling the planet for at least years. Talk about return on investment…. The large impact crater — known as Odysseus — is actually one of the largest in the entire Solar System. Cassini has snapped thousands of gorgeous photos of Saturn during its extended mission.

The Cassini satellite completed its original four-year mission to explore the Saturn and its moons in The eye of the hurricane itself is roughly 1, miles wide. Si No. Ruso Ingl?? Desde 2 d?? Tour simple con traslados cortos, excursiones y alojamiento en hoteles.

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