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Who Is Satan the Devil? Is He Real?

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Noeline Brown went from librarian to household name during the 60s, and here remembers some of the era's most distinct pop culture and political moments R. Bricklaying takes him around the world as a teacher and expert, but Troy Everett still finds deep satisfaction in laying bricks. Stephanie Wood was an acclaimed newspaper journalist when she fell for a romantic fraudster.

After decades as a marine ecologist, Pia Winberg began her own seaweed farm. One ordinary working day, there was a terrible accident. Mandy Sayer has uncovered the history of a thriving Gypsy community R. Left totally blind by treatment he received as a premature baby, Ron credits technology, love, and good timing with his success in life and the law. When she rode her motorbike solo across the Silk Road, Heather thought she had nothing to lose. Her HIV positive diagnosis was far more serious in the s than it is today.

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Zak Grieve was 19 when he was found guilty of murder, although the judge said he wasn't at the scene of the crime. Steven Schubert tells his story. The astounding fate of Narcisse Pelletier, taken in by the people of Night Island after being abandoned on the coast of far north Queensland in After a stroke at age 31, Lavinia Codd lost part of her memory, and half her vision.

Then she became fascinated by her brain's ability to regenerate R. Patrice Newell was a model and a TV host before she began again as a biodynamic farmer. Richard Tognetti was a boy when he first showed a brilliant talent for playing the violin.

Brylcreem, beehives and Devils on Horseback: the decade which changed Australia

But in the town where he grew up, his talent made him a target. Angela Hamilton was raised by a tyrannical father, who terrorised his family. Decades later, she found out the truth about what he'd done during WWII. Chasing the back beat and adventures in wide open spaces, Rob remains essentially the same as the boy he was R.

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After treating a patient named Anna, Sharonne Zaks saw the power relationship with her patients differently. She developed a new branch of dentistry to help care for survivors of sexual assault. Eight stories exploring the pleasures and perils of water. Barrie unearths a family wartime secret after fifty years R.

Alex Landragin was born into a champagne-making family in the French village of Verzenay. When he was five, his family began a new life in Australia. Then a freak accident changed everything.

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Esther is a therapist who spent years studying intimacy, monogamy and sexuality. She became the world's most well-known expert on modern love. The story of family bonds so strong that one couple gave their child to another, to be raised in a country far away.

Dulcie Markham was one of the most notorious characters of Sydney in the s, but many of her lovers met a grisly end. Lynne Kelly became a senior memory champion after she began researching ancient ways of transforming landscapes, objects and the human body into 'memory palaces. What is freedom of speech and how much of it do we have?

Sami Shah goes in search of the origins and limits of our free and frank speech. This is a bonus for our podcast subscribers. A young woman posted on Facebook on Anzac Day and Australia went mad. Sami Shah investigates why every comedian of colour is afraid of being 'Yassmined'.

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Sami Shah looks at where the free speech lines are being drawn in our newsrooms and comedy clubs. Sami Shah discovers the consequences of this loss but also finds some solutions. In the dying days of the Vietnam War, hundreds of orphans were airlifted from Saigon to safety. Ian Shaw tells the story of two Australian women at the heart of Operation Babylift. Demystifying the art of talk therapy and the complex relationship between therapist and patient. Tony became an actor against his mother's wishes. Pope Francis said that while all three temptations give the illusion of happiness and success, they are completely foreign to God's way of acting and "separate us from God. He invited the crowd gathered in the square to take advantage of the Lenten season "to purify ourselves and experience the consoling presence of God in our lives.

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